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Nanpi Xinchengweiye Hardware Products Co., Ltd. xcwystamping@xcwybj.com
Stainless Steel Brackets Metal Stamping Parts For Construction Industry

Stainless Steel Brackets Metal Stamping Parts For Construction Industry

  • High Light

    Metal Stamping Parts XCWY


    XCWY Metal Stampings Parts


    XCWY Metal Stamping Parts

  • Product Name
    Stamping Parts
  • Supplier Type
  • Color & Size
    Customer's Requst
  • Place Of Origin
    Hebei, China
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    500 pieces
  • Price
    $3.00/ Piece
  • Packaging Details
    Customize according to product situation
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, MoneyGram, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    200000 Pieces per Month

Stainless Steel Brackets Metal Stamping Parts For Construction Industry

Custom metal bracket brackets steel metal stamping parts


Metal Stamping Parts                                                             
Xincheng stamping manufacturing meets your specific application needs. Whether it is a large and heavy part that needs thick wall support, a small and complex part, or a part that needs to be hardened and finished after stamping, Xincheng Stamping is able to help you.
We provide progressive stamping and prototype stamping to ensure that you get the stamping products that best meet the needs of your industry.

  • Bending - the material is deformed or bent along a straight line.
  • Flanging - the material is bent along a curved line.
  • Embossing - the material is stretched into a shallow depression. Used primarily for adding decorative patterns. 
  • Blanking - a piece is cut out of a sheet of the material, usually to make a blank for further processing.
  • Coining - a pattern is compressed or squeezed into the material. Traditionally used to make coins.
  • Drawing - the surface area of a blank is stretched into an alternate shape via controlled material flow. See also deep drawing.
  • Stretching - the surface area of a blank is increased by tension, with no inward movement of the blank edge. Often used to make smooth auto body parts.
  • Ironing - the material is squeezed and reduced in thickness along a vertical wall. Used for beverage cans and ammunition cartridge cases.
  • Reducing/Necking - used to gradually reduce the diameter of the open end of a vessel or tube.
  • Curling - deforming material into a tubular profile. Door hinges are a common example.
  • Hemming - folding an edge over onto itself to add thickness. The edges of automobile doors are usually hemmed.


MaterialsSteel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, bronze, Aluminum, Titanium, silicon steel, nickel plate etc
More ProcessingMachining, Laser Cutting, CNC Bending, Plastic Injection, Welding, Riveting, Die/Mould Development etc
Surface TreatmentBrushing, Polishing, Electrophoresis, Powder Coating, Silk screen, Laser Engraving etc
Quality System CertificateISO 9001
Lead TimeDepends on customer’s drawing and request
QC SystemFull inspection before shipment for every processing
Packaging1) Standard package
2) Pallet or container
3) As per customized specifications
Payment TermsT/T , L/C , Paypal
Shipment Terms1) 0-100kg: express & air freight priority
2) >100kg: sea freight priority
3) As per customized specifications
One-Stop ServiceDie/Mould development-Prototype-Production-Inspection-Surface treatment-Packing-Delivery

Stainless Steel Brackets Metal Stamping Parts For Construction Industry 0Stainless Steel Brackets Metal Stamping Parts For Construction Industry 1

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