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Metal Stamping Parts

Stamping is a forming processing method in which external force is applied to the processed material to cause plastic deformation or separation.

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Metal Stamping Parts

Precision Metal Stamping Services


Precision metal stamping is widely used by sheet metal stamping services . It is characterised by the minimal expense and high-effectiveness large scale processing. The sheet metal stamping company can keep up with stable superior quality and progress, and customised production as indicated by your requirements and resilience ranges.


Precision metal stamping is an assembling strategy processed by the sheet metal stamping company, it is used to transform sheets of metal into the ideal size and shape of the parts required for different industries. This process enables quick and precise production of a wide range of metal parts by varied operations of sheet metal stamping company, for example, stamping ,folding, drawing and piercing into a single operation or series of associated tasks.


In addition to higher accuracy and exactness, the other benefits our precision sheet metal stamping services exhibits over other assembling measures by competitors of sheet metal stamping china industry, include:

Greater process and better product quality. Precision presented by the sheet metal stamping services means making less mistakes during production . This implies there is less chance of producing mistakes or making it under the control of clients and sheet metal stamping companies .

Lower production costs. For the most automated process under sheet metal stamping services, mitigates the requirement for manual labor work. This quality leads in a lower mistake rate, which also means less material usage and waste during a production run of a sheet metal stamping company.

  • Min Tolerance : ±0.01mm~0.050mm
  • Stamping Thickness : 0.2mm*6mm
  • Stamping Dies : 4-6 Weeks
  • Stamping Parts : 1-2 Weeks (10.000 Pc)



Progressive Die Stamping Services

It is a high-efficiency metal stamping services. The progressive die stamping mold has multiple stations, and each station will perform different stamping steps, such as: cutting, bending, hole, rolling, stamping LOGO, etc. It has the characteristics of high production efficiency, lower cost, higher repeatability, and higher precision. The technical cost of the mold is relatively high, which is suitable for the rapid production of mass products.


The decision to produce a part in progressive stamping dies upon size, intricacy and volume of production. Progressive stamping die is a type of metal stamping dies, utilized to produce an enormous number of parts and keep the expenses as low as could really be expected. The greatest levels of demands in accuracy and durability should be met.


Because of the intricacy of progressive stamping dies, your trusted metal stamping china company, Milun MFG will deal with all factors that contribute to accomplishing the ideality of part quality, including blank position, pilots, limits and boundaries and stretch-web deformation.

Pilots assume a significant role in progressive stamping – they fix the strip into a proper position and keep up with power over it. Likewise, they are fundamental for precise sheet positioning during apparatus closing and attracting tasks that kick the bucket. Different components to be considered are timing and collaboration of transporters, pads, and upper and lower tools. The advantages of progressive stamping are expanded usefulness and tremendous expense decrease for high-volume production.


  • Min Tolerance : ±0.01mm~0.050mm
  • Stamping Thickness : 0.2mm*3mm
  • Metal Stamping Dies : 4-6 Weeks
  • Metal Stamping Parts : 1-2 Weeks (500.000 Pc)


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Our services cover all industries and reach all parts of the world.We can make all kinds of products for you according to your design.

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