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Nanpi Xinchengweiye Hardware Products Co., Ltd. xcwystamping@xcwybj.com

Customized Metal Products

Specializes in stamping parts, lathe product development, die-casting products, mold products, the spring member, sales and service.

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Customized Metal Products

Custom metal fabrication refers to any process that cuts, shapes or molds metal material into a final product. Stock metal components, such as sheet metal, metal rods and metal bars, are widely available in a variety of material and dimensional specifications.

Xincheng custom metal fabrication shop can produce metal products in a wide range of shapes and sizes. When construction companies, manufacturers or DIYers require a non-standard component or unique metal product, Xincheng custom fabrication services can provide both design and production assistance for these built-to-order parts.

Xincheng custom fabrication services can be helpful in all stages of the product development process. Whether you require a complete production run of items or support on a component assembly project, Xincheng offers:


  • Design: Have a CAD drawing, a sketch or just an idea? Xincheng can help you design your product, component or part before the building process begins.
  • Fabrication: The actual building or creating of the metal product.
  • Finishing and assembly: The improvement of product quality through post-fabrication treatments.
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Our services cover all industries and reach all parts of the world.We can make all kinds of products for you according to your design.

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